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  • Ezzat Ezzat Dance Studio (EEDS) was founded by Ezzat Ismail Ezzat (Ezzat Ezzat), a young Egyptian artist (dancer/choreographer/architect) born on June 1987.

  • On 2004 he joined the Faculty of Engineering in Cairo University and graduated on 2009 as an Architect; during his first year he got interested in Contemporary Dance through watching online videos for contemporary dance on YouTube, he joined his college’s theatrical cast and through this period he participated in a set of amateur plays and dance-shows such as the play “Get a grip doctor!” on the University stage and the “Teen Stuff & Kelmetna Talent-show” in “Al-Sawy Culture Wheel”.


  • The year 2008 was a critical point in his both personal and professional life when he got accepted in Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop Program (CCDWP 2008-2011) in Studio Emad Eldin (SEE) under artistic direction of Laurence Rondoni, and there he got the opportunity to meet other young artists of various backgrounds (Art, Architecture, Music…) and get tutored by international professional artists such as: Benoit Lachambre, GermanaCivera, Alain Buffard, Daniel Larrieu, Jean Gaudin, and Tomeo Verges; and through their instructions and long, hard, intensive training he acquired knowledge and developed his artistic qualities all in his way to becoming a professional artist.

  • One year after his graduation from the Faculty of Engineering, Ezzat decided to give up his career as an Architect for an Artistic one devoting all his time to serve his talent and his art; he now participates in national and international projects and workshops where he gets to meet and collaborate with young artists in various fields (dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, light designers and technicians) from all over the world.

  • Beside his career as a professional artist, he takes part actively in the development of contemporary dance for the future of Egypt. Ezzat Is the Founder of Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio -which is one of the first independent/proper dance studio in Egypt detected to contemporary dance- (www.eedancestudiow.com), also Through the first attempt of his long term vision which is “Contemporary Dance Night” series that has been curated and organized by himself, familiarizing this medium to the audience as well as expanding the circle of the audience for contemporary dance.
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