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is a work in progress composition and research program that started on March 2011,an alternative approach to dance searching for new angles of contemporary dance exploration; it sets an inter-exchange dialogue of cultures and experience between artists discovering their cultural similarities and differences and find them a common destiny.


The project is collaboration between the Egyptian artist “Ezzat Ismail Ezzat” and the French artist “Matthieu Sparma”, it aims to give Euro-Mediterranean artists the opportunity to meet professionally, build a short-formed dance together that can be operated and modulated in many ways and share it with the audience.

By the collaboration of Egyptian and French artists, we would like to reinforce the connection between two regions of the world and contribute to the help of exploring new links in people mind.
A work-in- progress showcase was presented on September 2011 in the Rawabet theatre in Cairo and the Jesuit theatre in Alexandria another one was presented on March 2012 in Asrte theatre in Lyon in Chaos Danse Festival.